If you’re one of the many people that believe Peeps are meant to be thrown straight in the trash rather than eaten, you’ll love this Peeps Bookmarks craft!

peeps bookmarks

Once your kids get too many Peeps from grandma and grandpa this Easter, ignore the urge to throw them away. Make this easy and fun Peeps Bookmarks and give them a new purpose!

My kids are some of the weird ones that enjoy Peeps. Okay, who am I kidding, I bet most kids like them because they are sugar covered in sugar. So, they snacked on some while they made these and that’s okay in my book!

Less for me! 😉 

peeps bookmarks

Aside from making these at home, they’d be a fun and inexpensive craft to make in the classroom. Teachers could honestly buy everything they need for a few dollars!

In case you didn’t know, they actually sell the 8-count Peeps at Dollar Tree (look near the front by the registers) and the sticks can be found there too.

Peeps Bookmarks

What you need to make them:

peeps bookmarks

How to make them:

Take a Peep and carefully stick a popsicle stick into the bottom of it. It will be sticky which will help it stay stuck inside once the Peep hardens.

Next, tear off a small piece on the front of the Peep. Doing this will allow it to become sticky and you will then be able to add your mini egg onto the front.

Now, the hard part – allow these to harden for several hours or overnight. Once hardened, these become the perfect bookmarks!

peep bookmarks

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