A storm rolls in…

Things were going so well…all was right with the world until a cold, grumpy, defiant wind blew into my house late yesterday afternoon. There was tantrums. There was ugly words. There was crying. There was meaness. There was a complete lack of reasoning. There was hitting. There was yelling. There was a mommy thinking…who raised you? Why would you act this way? What are you thinking? Are you crazy? Are you insane? On what planet is this behavior acceptable? You are so in trouble…just wait until your mother comes home (OH CRAP…that is me). It was so ugly. Boys were seperated and sent to rooms. As things calmed down, it became apparent that fatigue had set in. Reid fell asleep on the couch at 5:30 and blog-Stedman carried him straight to bed. Rhett was put to bed at 6:00 and Ryan followed at 7:15. It was as quiet as a house without children all night and this morning…a much more tolerable, maybe even pleasant breeze is circulating.

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