The Benefits of a Massage

Massage is beneficial for more than stress relief.   While lowering your stress is important, a greater benefit of massage is improved overall health.   Your lymphatic system helps maintain your immune system and nourishes your cells, but it doesn’t have a pump system like your circulatory system, therefore its movement is up to you. Today's lifestyles offer real challenges to the lymphatic system. We sit at computers for hours, drive places in our cars that often includes stressful situations, and our exercise programs come in compressed 30 to 60 minute doses that often leaves the muscles knotted up with increased pockets of acids and toxins that stagnate the lymphatic fluid flow often resulting in increased soreness and a propensity for illness. Regular massage therapy offers a relief of the natural knotting of muscle tissues and actually aids in the flow of lymphatic fluids.

The lymphatic system is responsible for immune   system regulation along with fluid and waste removal. It is what helps rid the body of any toxins that may cause illness. When the lymphatic system slows down or becomes blocked, then fluids begin to build up, causing the whole body to feel tired and heavy, making us susceptible to catching sicknesses. Massage stimulates the lymph nodes to help clear any blockages keeping the lymphatic system running healthy and strong. This in turn keeps your body free of toxins and illness and while also creating a stronger immune system.

Lymphatic capillaries start as tubes that are only a single cell in thickness. Pressure from the fluid surrounding the capillary forces these cells to separate for a moment to allow lymph to enter the capillary. Then the cells of the wall close together. This does not allow
the lymph to leave the capillary. Instead it is forced to move forward.

The lymphatic system relies on a collection system that resides very close to the skin to transport the lymph fluid and our muscles   have a tendency to knot up creating eddies that can retain pools of waste fluid; frequent massage often offers a proven way to keep the lymphatic fluid flowing. Having a quality massage therapist that understands physiology involved can provide the maximum benefit. Getting a full body massage every three to four weeks can helps ensure the appropriate drainage.
Program massage clinics, such as Massage Heights in Flower Mound (across from JC Penney), offer programs that allow everyone to incorporate frequent therapeutic massage into their healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, and frequent massage is key to a healthy life.

For more information you can ask a Licensed Massage Therapist at Massage Heights by calling (972) 249-9790.

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  1. massaging keeps our body free of toxins and illness and also creating a stronger immune system and a frequent massage helps us to lead a healthy life.

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