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It is no secret that our teachers are seriously underpaid. An extra $2000 per month could make a HUGE difference!

With the help of the internet, teachers can make an extra $2000 per month this summer.

I know, I know, this sounds like one of those internet scams but I can promise you it is not. I personally know 3 teachers who have supplemented their income with teaching online!

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How Teachers Can Make Extra Money Online

You may have heard of it already, but we are here to tell you more about what VIPKID is and how you can get started teaching online with them.

VIPKID is a platform that allows teachers from America to teach English to children in China over video chat. Teachers video chat with one student at a time for 30 minutes at a time. Teachers have the power to create their own schedules by picking their availability to be booked for lessons.

Given the time difference between China and America, teachers are booked most often between the hours of 6-10pm on weekdays and 9am-10pm on weekends. These hours make it ideal for teachers who also want to make an extra income during the school year!

Depending on your qualifications, teachers can be paid anywhere from $14-$22 an hour and you will be paid via direct deposit once per month.

With that payment, you can make an average of $2000 per month only working 4 hours per day!

How to Apply to Teach Online with VIPKID

Because of the nature of the job (teaching kids) you must have a Bachelor’s degree to apply to become a teacher with VIPKID. Although you have to have a degree, it does not have to be in teaching!

To apply, you will need to send your resume to VIPKID, sit down for a virtual 1 on 1 interview, work through the VIPKID training program, teach in a “practice class”, and then sign your contract (6 month minimum) and complete a background check.

Once you are finished with that you can begin to teach classes whenever you are available!

If you have any questions about teaching with VIPKID feel free to drop them in the comments below! If I can’t answer them myself, I will contact one of the VIPKID teachers I know to get you the answer.

Sign up to start teaching here!

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