Create a fun felt succulent garden with the help of our favorite crafty kids subscription box…Doodle Crate!

Art projects are some of my favorite projects to do with my daughter and this week we completed a DIY felt succulent garden with the help of Doodle Crate!

We are no stranger to kids activity subscription boxes and Doodle Crate has to take the prize for our favorite crafty subscription box.

DIY Felt Succulent Garden - Kids Activities

What is Doodle Crate?

Doodle Crate is a kids subscription box for ages 9-16 and older that delivers creative projects to your door monthly! My daughter is younger than 9 and she has always been able to do the projects with my help, but independently 9 is probably a great age to start.

The box is filled with high quality materials that your kids can use to complete their own DIY project. Last time we decorated these canvas pouches that my daughter uses for her crayons!

Kids Felt Succulent Garden to Make

Inside of the box there are detailed instructions that allow kids to independently create a project while stimulating their minds and creative thinking skills. Doodle Crate makes it extremely easy for parents to provide projects to their kids without having to come up with the idea or shop for the materials on their own!

DIY Succulent Garden Step 1

The subscription box costs $19.95 per month and makes an amazing gift that will be delivered to your door each month!

Kiwi Crate Subscription Box Doodle Crate

DIY Felt Succulent Garden

This project was well worth the cost of the subscription box and kept my daughter and I busy for over an hour! It was so fun getting to design and detail our very own felt garden!

The Doodle Crate box contained directions on how to create several different types of succulents and then turned us loose to create however many we desired for our garden. My daughter even ended up putting our succulent garden in her room as decoration.

We had a great time laughing and playing together while creating something super fun. She always gets incredibly excited when the box comes in the mail too!

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This felt quiet book is perfect for kids of all ages and on the go!

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