The alphabet is the cornerstone of both reading and writing. But, where do you begin teaching your preschooler the ABCs? Teach Your Child the ABCs Teaching your preschooler the ABC’s can seem like a daunting task for any parent that doesn’t have a background in education. We know it is an important part of the early childhood experience; the alphabet is the cornerstone of both reading and writing. But, where do you begin? The thought of singing the ABC song on repeat daily doesn’t sound overly fun to me. Luckily, there are so many ways you can make learning the alphabet fun for preschoolers, and we all know that kids learn best through play, fun, and laughter! We all know and love the simple ABC song that children have been singing forever to learn the alphabet. There are ways to build on that catchy tune to give your child a head start on a love of learning and a firm grasp on the ABCs!

The First Letter

A really easy way to get your preschooler excited about the alphabet is to introduce them to the first letter of their name. Everyday items like a cereal box or a street sign suddenly becomes so much more exciting, once children can see it has the same letter as they have in their first name. After learning the first letter, kids will be eager to learn the other letters of their name and explore anything with print on it to see if it has their letters! How to Teach Your Child the ABCs

Visit the Library

There are so many great ABC books for kids! From the cute options like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, to the zany antics of Dr. Seuss, you are bound to find a handful of titles that will appeal to your preschooler. While you are browsing for books, you can have a fun letter search for that first letter we talked about above to keep the excitement of discovery going strong. (An additional plus… it is screen-free!! If you want more screen-free learning activities, check these out too!)

Offer Variety

While reading books, singing songs and searching for letters is a ton of fun for kids, exploring the alphabet in a variety of ways is going to help the lesson stick! We have a new product that is a great resource for teaching the alphabet to preschoolers! Fun with Letters has nearly 500 pages of activities, printable pages, crafts and book recommendations for each letter of the alphabet. Kids will also love that for each letter they master, they will receive a certificate of completion!

Use Puzzles

Children love those cute chunky peg puzzles by nature, so making the challenge of puzzle building alphabet centered takes the experience to the next level. I love puzzles for a letter learning tool because kids get to use so many skills in the process. From problem-solving to letter identification, it is all there! Talk about things that start with each letter, explore the example given by the puzzle, and place each letter in it’s spot for a play session that is rich in early education. Teaching Your Preschooler the ABCs

Get Crafty

Letter crafts are a great way to build on each letter that your preschooler learns, and can help to get them excited for the lessons to come! You will find fun options in the Fun with Letters pack to inspire your ABC learning adventures and have your child kindergarten ready. There are so many ways to learn the alphabet. Are you ready to get started with Fun with Letters with your preschooler? We have an awesome rainbow fish craft you don’t wanna miss! Then, download physical fitness fun: printable alphabet exercises cards for kids…

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