Sara Geurts is a 26-year-old model with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

It is also known as EDS.

EDS is a condition that makes the skin much stretchier than normal…the collagen in the skin is broken down, so rather than acting as elastic and ‘popping’ back into place, a person with EDS ends up looking much older before their time.

beautiful model talks about EDS and her unique condition

For a lot of people the idea of living with wrinkled skin is almost a nightmare – something we’d avoid at all costs.

For someone EDS it’s unavoidable.

beautiful model with EDS at the beach in swimsuit

Sara is taking her condition and showing the world that just because she’s different, doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful.

This break-out model (who lives in Minnesota) believes that beauty comes in all shapes and wants other people to embrace who they are.

model with EDS in city

Looking at her pictures it’s easy to imagine who Sara could have taken her diagnosis and hidden away from the world.

But it’s her unique look that makes her stand out.

Take a look!

Model with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome EDS is Inspiration to Us All [Video]

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  1. Please correct the article written as it eluded to those of us with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome all looking like this but she has a specific subtype that is much more rare just like I do… there are different kinds of EDS!!! I have Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & we have velvety soft skin and look much younger! I’m almost 35 and most say I look 10 years younger, without makeup even younger! Had to comment because I’m an EDS advocate and we want accurate awareness!!!