Addicted to Books

I ™m addicted to books. I freely admit this. I have stacks and stacks of them in every room in the house. We have shelves filled with them. My bedside table has 6 books on it right now. There are more on the dresser, several in my car. They are everywhere in my life.

It's no wonder I ™m a writer!

Several weeks ago, my husband and I went to a Valentine's Day party where we played the Not Quite Newlywed Game  (and came in 2nd place!). My husband had to fill in he blank for the following sentence:

My wife has more _______ than anyone I know.

I thought he’d say shoes.

Know what he put?

Books.  He was SO right!

I ™m also addicted to the computer. I have my own web site, co-founded another site called The Naked Hero and just launched two more sites called Books on the House and Books on the House for Kids and Teens.

What do they all have in common?

Books?  Ding ding ding...that's right!

Of all my projects and blogging, I ™m most excited about Books on the House. It launched on February 15th, and the response has been phenomenal! Turns out other people love books, too.

These two sites are all about building a community of readers. The goal is to bring great books to readers, and to help readers discover great books.

Every Sunday evening, a new book and author are featured. There are video interviews (our first week, we featured children's author Jane Kurtz who talked about her upbringing in Ethiopia, her passion: Ethiopia Reads, and Lanie and Lanie's Real Adventures, the 2010 American Girl Doll Lanie Holland books; 6 copies of those were given away!, we’ve featured NY Times Best Seller Allison Brennan, YA author Suzanne Crowley, and now we have best selling children’s author Joan Holub!), Q & As with the authors, and more.

That's all there is to it! What better way is there for a reader to discover a new-to-them -author, and what a great way for a writer to showcase their books to potential readers?

Susan McBride was the inaugural author on Books on the House.  This week, my new release, Hasta la Vista, Lola! is being featured.   I’m giving away 4 copies of  the second Lola Cruz myster.

As I said, Jane Kurtz was the inaugural author on the Kids and Teens site, and now we’re featuring Joan Holub and her books Twinkle, Star of the Week and Groundhog Weather School.  Her books are SO fun!!

I ™m thrilled about Books on the House and Books on the House for Kids and Teens and the potential for the sites to really help build a community of readers. We have some fabulous authors and books lined up including:

NY Times Bestseller Jane Yolen with her new graphic novel
NY Times Bestseller Brenda Novak
Children's author Joyce Stengel
Children's author Debbie Dadey
and so many more!

I hope you ™ll check out Books on the House and Books on the House for Kids and Teens and help build our community of readers.  Tweet about it! Spread the word!

Tell me who your favorite authors are, both adult and children, so I can try to feature them on Books on the House!


  1. Breaking News!

    Sarah Addison Allen will be our next featured author on Books on the House. She’ll be there next week.

    Random House is giving away 3 copies of her upcoming release, The Girl Who Chased the Moon!!!

  2. another book lover! HOORAY!

    I’m checkiout out Books on the House right now and loving it!

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