April Fool’s Day approaching and we have some easy pranks for parents to play on kids! For years, our family has enjoyed this silly holiday, trying to trick one another with harmless fun. Many of our pranks have gone down in family history, and have become fun inside jokes between us.

Funny April Fools Day Pranks for Parents to Play on Kids - Kids Activities Blog - little girl doubled over laughing
Surprise your kids with a really silly April Fools prank!

Happy April Fools Day

There are a ton of great ideas floating around out there to fool your peeps.

Here are 10 of our favorite tried & true (meaning they worked on my kiddos!) easy April Fools Pranks that you can play on your kids at home this year.  

Hilariously Good Happy April Fools Day Pranks for Parents to Play on Kids

These April Fools pranks have been one of our most popular articles here at Kids Activities Blog with the funny pranks being shared across social media hundreds of thousands of times!

 10 April Fools Pranks for Parents to Make Kids giggle - giggling girl
The best part about playing a prank on your kids is they never expect it!

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Yucky Toothbrush Prank

Blech! Sprinkle a little salt on your kid’s toothbrushes the night before.  The salt isn’t very noticeable mixed in with the bristles and the taste will definitely wake up the kids!

Bed Swap Prank

Where Am I?If your kids are heavy sleepers, put them in a different bed once they are asleep. Imagine their surprise waking up in the wrong bed the next morning! (This one is a favorite in my house!)

 Blue cow prank on kids - pretend your milk came from a blue cow - shown is a gallon and glass of blue milk
All the cows in the world turned blue last night…

Blue Milk Prank

A blue cow… WHAT! Tint your milk jug with food coloring the night before, and serve your kid their breakfast with a colorful new addition.  This joke gets better and better the longer you can keep it up with a straight face!

Cereal Switch Prank

Where’s my Rice Krispies? Switch bagged cereal within their boxes, and see how long it takes for your kids to find their favorite.

Another favorite cereal prank is the frozen cereal trick…it is epic!

Insect Infestation Prank

EEK! Buy realistic toy flies and spiders and hide them in your family’s lunches! If you have enough fake flies, bugs and spiders you could invade an entire room in the house.

TP the Room Prank

What a mess! Toilet paper your kid’s room as they sleep. Make sure to have the camera ready when they wake up!  The benefit is it takes way less TP to toilet paper a room than a neighbor’s house!  Not that I know for sure…{giggle}

Tower of Babel Prank

Goedemorgen! If your child has a smart phone or tablet, change the language on your their smart devices to a different one. Make sure you know who to change it back, though.

A related prank is to change their name on the device.  I only know this one because it is something my kids do to me continually and it makes them laugh hysterically.  Right now my phone thinks I am named, “Awesome Dude 11111111111NONONONO”.  It does make me giggle when Siri says it.

Fast Growth Prank

OUCH! Stuff a little toilet paper in the ends of their shoes, and watch them think their feet grew overnight. What funny pranks for kids!

 turn everything up side down - all the pictures on the mantle are upside down
Turn the world upside down!

Upside Down Prank

Turn your house upside down! Turn photos, toys, and furniture–anything that works, upside down the night before.  Depending on how observant your kid is, it might take a few minutes for them to notice!

Yard Prank

For Sale? Put a for sale sign up in your yard the night before. Try to get one with a MLS box, and print flyers that say April Fools! Watch your neighbors go crazy!

10 April Fools Day Pranks for Kids - lots of fun pranks for kids
Let’s play a prank!
Is April Fools Day A National Holiday?

No, April Fools’ Day is not an official national holiday in any country. April 1 is an informal celebration observed mainly in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Britain. In France it is known as Poisson d’Avril (April Fish). April Fools Day is celebrated by playing pranks on family and friends. People also share funny messages on social media or send fake news stories to each other. Since April Fools’ Day is not a public holiday, stores and public services remain open for business. Despite its informal status, April Fools’ Day is a popular annual celebration that has been celebrated for centuries in different forms around the world and is still widely observed today.

More Fun Pranks to Do at Home, Practical Jokes & Jokes

It doesn’t have to be April Fool’s Day to enjoy pranks for kids! Here are some of other of our favorite ideas for practical jokes.

What Fun April Fools Day Pranks have you tried on your kids? Comment below! 

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