Make a Summer Party Popsicle Bar

Today we are making a simple popsicle bar that will be the hit of any summer party or casual get together like backyard barbecues or pool parties. Kids of all ages (and adults too) will love being able to grab their favorite popsicle flavors from the simple to set up popsicle bar.

Summer Party Popsicle Bar

We partnered with Popsicle® Brand Ice pops – the Original Summertime Treat – to create this fun Popsicle bar. Popsicle has been bringing the fun with bright colors and bold, icy-cool refreshing flavors since 1905.

Summer Party Popsicle Bar

A summer popsicle bar is easy to create with just a few supplies and brings color and a festive feel to any outdoor party. This is the perfect way to serve popsicles in your backyard.

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Supplies Needed to Make a Popsicle Bar

  • Popsicle® Brand Ice pops
  • Lemon-lime soda
  • Disposable baking dishes
  • Ice
  • Clear plastic cups
Summer Party Popsicle Bar

What Popsicle Flavors Did We Use?

We featured traditional Orange, Cherry, and Grape Popsicles, along with Jolly Rancher Popsicles and Tropical Paradise Popsicles in our Popsicle bar.

How to Make a Popsicle Bar in Your Backyard

Step 1

Start by adding ice to the disposable baking dishes.

Step 2

Unwrap Popsicle ice pops and place individually in clear plastic cups.

Step 3

Set inside the baking dishes and surround with ice. This will keep the ice pops cold during your party!

How to Serve the Popsicles

Serve the ice pops with lemon-lime soda for a fun, refreshing drink that will become more flavorful as the Popsicle melts.

The kids loved the combination of soda and popsicles. Every one seemed to eat it just a little different way which was part of the fun!

Summer Party Popsicle Bar

What Our Popsicle Bar Looked Like

Brightly colored popsicles sitting in clear glasses inside of ice made for a colorful display that brought the kids running.

Summer Party Popsicle Bar

You could strategically choose the colors of the popsicles you use if you want to match a theme or color scheme.

Summer Party Popsicle Bar

My favorite was the striped pops. They just seemed to have the coolest look on the popsicle bar and rapidly disappeared when the party guests saw them!

Summer Party Popsicle Bar

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Did you make a popsicle bar? What suggestions do you have?


  1. Wow, the popsicles look colorful and cool. This summer is wonderful with the popsicle is made by myself. Thanks for sharing the photos

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