Summer Learning Ideas for Kids is always a top priority for us. Summer is the best time of year, especially if you’re a kid.   No homework, no tests – what more can you ask for? As the summer quickly approaches, it’s time to kick those summer learning activities into high gear. With an almost endless amount of time to learn outside of traditional schooling methods, it’s just a matter of finding those opportunities and taking advantage of them when you can! Summer Learning Ideas for Kids Museums Throughout the summer, take a few trips to free – or fairly inexpensive – museums scattered across your state. From dinosaurs to airplanes, from human hearts to history, there are over 35,000 museums in the United States alone! Book your summer with day-long excursions to these awesome, educational hot-spots. If you’re worried about the kids getting bored, remember that many museums have interactive exhibits that will keep your kids busy learning! National Parks & Cities If you plan to go on vacation this summer, check out any national park or major city along the way. Far and near, there are hundreds of national parks and countless more cities. Each park and every city has their own unique history.  During the summer, many cities have tour guides that will happily explain the town’s history. The kids will be on the edges of their seats, amazed that where they are sitting was once a battlefield or a landmark. Summer Camps Although you’d love to take the summer off from work to spend traveling with the family, most parents don’t get that luxury. Thankfully, there are plenty of other learning opportunities available to your kids that don’t require you to take time off from work! Check out summer-long day-camps or sleep-away camps for some different options. If long camps aren’t in the budget, check your local parks and recreation department for week-long camps that would interest your little ones. Most of the week-long camps are geared toward learning or working on already developed skills. With professional teachers and camp counselors leading the kids, they will have the chance to sharpen those skills before the next school year. Summer Reading Programs Did you know that many public libraries have reading programs during the summer? Bring your kids to the library and let them pick out three or four books to read each week. Keep a log to see how many books they’ve read and total them up at the end of the summer! Many libraries have drawings or prizes available once a child reads a certain number of books.  If extrinsic motivation gets your child to read, this could be the perfect program for him! It’s also a great way for your kids to develop their reading skills while having a friendly competition amongst each other. Online Games Kids are more tech-savvy than ever, so online summer learning opportunities have increased with websites like Khan Academy. Videos and interactive work will give kids a chance to use their tablets and computers this summer in a productive way! From Minecraft-related summer learning classes online to programming lessons, there’s an online class for everyone. No matter what you do this summer, have a great time.  Summer learning should be filled with experiences that more closely mimic play and vacation rather than bookwork and testing.  It’s the perfect time to learn together as a family and make the most of the summer months.  Have a great summer!

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  1. Thanks for these ideas! I’m always looking for educational activities to occupy my kid’s time during the summer! Sharing this post now!