Mornings are the busiest and the most hectic time of the day for many families.   Including mine. I have searched and searched to find the best morning hacks that would be simple enough, yet will help to get everybody ready on time and leave the house HAPPY.

morning hacks

1. Use morning flash cards to hang in your kid’s rooms for them to remember what they need to do. via Livinglocurto  

2. Set up a playlist of your child’s favorite songs and let it guide them through the morning routine: brush teeth, make your bed, dress up, eat breakfast. By the time particular song ends child will know he should finish his task and get to another one. It has helped us a lot. via Playtivities

3. Let kids pick out outfits for the whole entire week and stack them into this awesome organizer WITH labels. via Theposhspace  

4. After dinner, set up a table for breakfast with bowls, glasses and utensils so in the morning you will have few extra moments. This could be a good chore for the kids to do after dinner.

morning hacks

5. Two mothers/sisters created something that will revolutionize making beds for kids. It’s Zip-it bedding. Genius!   (Affiliate link)

6. Prepare some healthy snacks on the go in advance and put them on the kitchen counter so everyone can just grab anything they want for the day. via Kidsactivitiesblog

7. 5 healthy breakfast meals you can just make in 5 minutes. You can’t beat that!

8. Find designated area where everyone puts their stuff that needs to be out the door that day. This way there is less chance someone will forget something.

9. One mother found a perfect solution for those kids who get up WAY TOO EARLY. via Meaningfulmama

10. And while you do all those things in the morning keep the stains and   accidental spills away from your clothes by keeping a robe on. Just don’t forget to take it off before you leave the house.

morning hacks for family

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