Dogs are incredible creatures. They share a bond with humans that no other animals share and that bond is seen over and over again. I’ve seen dogs who are able to sense when their human companion is about to have a seizure. I’ve got a friend whose dog is the only being her young autistic daughter will actually hug. And then there’s this dog. Stevoni Doyle was fostering a pregnant mama dog and apparently made quite the impression. After the mama dog gave birth, she decided to give Stevoni a very special gift. One by one she brought each of her babies to her human foster mama and laid them in her lap. Take a look!

We’ll never know why this dog did this, but it is such an incredible moment that I’m almost happier not knowing. She’s completely trusting this human with her babies, all of her babies, and that kind of trust is something we so very rarely see these days. Dogs are incredible. They remind us of how very far we need to go before we can consider ourselves truly good.

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