When I was a kid I was convinced magic was real. This might have been due to the fact that my older brother knew a few tricks and liked to use them on me every chance he got. When I was old enough to understand the difference between magic and illusion, I sought out new fields of the unexplained and stumbled into science. It. Was. Awesome. It started with a science kit that let me mix chemicals and create amazing reactions, but soon bloomed into a full fledged love of anatomy and a believe that I was absolutely going to be a doctor. Thing is, it didn’t take much for that first love to grow. One small experiment and I was hooked for life. That’s what I love about this. Even now the fact that gallium has such a low melting point that it can melt in your hand blows my mind. Take a look! It’s not just the melting that’s cool. It’s the fact that gallium dissolves aluminum. So Cool. The best part is if you work it right you can convince your kids that you’re a magician AND show them an awesome science experiment all in the same day. Trust me – they’ll never forget it!

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