First off, this is NOT okay. This is not for the squeamish, this is not for anyone who is scared of spiders. In fact, this video should not be watched by anyone. But, alas, much like cars about to crash I can’t look away. A man was about to eat a banana when he noticed something strange just below the skin. A dark shape. Moving. Seriously, you should turn off this video right now. If it could be burned by fire, I would recommend that. No, I’m not saying set your phone or tablet or computer on fire, I’m saying the banana itself…it should have been burned down. And possibly the house the man was living in. Okay, I can’t stop you, take a look! For real, when I watched this I expected a little bitty thing to pop out, not that monstrosity that crawled from the depths of hades itself. I tried to tell you not to watch. This is really on you…

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