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As parents we want to support tweens & teens positive self-expression.  It is easy to fall into a pattern of correction especially on those particularly difficult days!

This idea for encouraging teen confidence was inspired by our sponsor, Invisalign Teen® clear aligners, who recently completed a survey on the subject.

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Printable Journal for Tweens & Teens

A big thanks to designer, Jen Goode, who created this printable journal and stickers to create a one-of-a-kind, customizable journal.  When I was a teen, I was always tucking away secret thoughts, song lyrics, and partial thoughts into a spiral notebook hidden in my headboard.

Sometimes it just helps to write it down – even if you don’t feel comfortable saying it aloud!

Print these journal pages to collect into a single book or add to an established collection.  The last page is a set of stickers that could be printed on sticker paper or used with tape/glue.

It is free!  You can get it by clicking here:  Printable Journal by Jen Goode

Unbrace Teen Confidence Pocket Guide

Moms Interactive Guide to Raising Confident Teens

The makers of Invisalign Teen clear aligners commissioned a Teen Confidence Survey that uncovered data around how teens and moms cope during the challenging middle and high school years including issues on self-confidence, social media, peer pressure and more.  The results show that while teens face many of the same issues of past generations, the world is a different place today!

Social Media in particular puts added pressure on our young people and appearance plays a larger role in confidence than we may want to admit.  They survey found that 54 percent of teens felt their life would be better without social media and 40 percent feel their appearance is being judged more closely on social media than in person.


The Invisalign Teen brand collaborated with top parenting expert and author, Erika Katz, to use this survey data to develop practical tips to help parents build a foundation of self-confidence for their teens.

It is free!  You can view and download the interactive guide by clicking here:  Invisalign Unbrace Teen Confidence

Also, for every person that clicks, shares of downloads the guide, the Invisalign Teen brand is donating $1 to — an organization that builds teen confidence by creating opportunities for them to drive positive change in the world.

Kids Activities Blog is excited to be working with the maker’s of Invisalign Teen clear aligners again this year.  Holly Homer is an Invisalign Teen brand spokesperson and thrilled to be talking about her Invisalign treatment experience as well as starting a new Invisalign Teen clear aligners journey with one of her boys.  This is a paid position.  All opinions expressed are her own.  Full disclosure.

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