25 Avengers Party Theme Ideas

The Avengers is pretty much ALL my kids are talking about right now, and if you have a little one asking for an Avengers party and you’re not sure where to begin, this collection of 25 Avengers Party Theme Ideas is for you!


Avengers Party Theme Ideas

DIY Iron Man Gloves. These actually GLOW!

Hey look! You can complete the entire outfit! DIY Iron Man T-Shirt.

These Hulk Cake Pops look easy enough to make.

A great way to encourage reading with these Avengers Bookmarks.

It is SUPER simple to make. Felt Captain America Mask.

WOW! You have to check out this Avengers Birthday Cake.

You can’t forget Black Widow! Love this Black Widow Popcorn Treat.

Thor Hammer Treats– Brilliant!

Something sweet and oh so cute! Captain America Cupcakes.

What is better than bowling with your favorite super heroes? Avengers Bowling.

These are great for decorating! Avengers Inspired Quote Printables.

DIY Captain America and Thor Costumes. In case your little one wants to dress up at the party!

Everyone loves BINGO! Printable Avengers Bingo.

A Mean, Green, Bagging Machine! Hulk Bag Craft.

Simple and cute is my kind of craft. Captain America Mask.


These are pretty INCREDIBLE. Hulk Cupcakes.

I bet this packs a PUNCH…Hulk Punch.

These really look like tiny little shields. Captain America M&M’s Cookies.

These look tasty! Iron Man Party Treats.

How about a DIY Captain America Shirt Craft for Guests?

This Incredible Hulk Green Smoothie is a bit healthier option for party goers.

Because you can… Make your Own Captain America Shield.

Fun Party Favors. DIY Captain America Tie Dye Shirt.

These Printable Avengers Cupcakes Toppers make decorating cupcakes easy!

Iron Man always seems to be a little fruity which is why you will love this Iron Man Fruit Punch.

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