how to set Up LEGO® youtube channel for kids

Santa arrived early this year due to the time sensitive nature of the packages that he carried.

Well, the packages weren’t necessarily time sensitive, but the fact that we were about to embark on a 14 hour road trip made Santa’s helpers decide that Christmas was going to be celebrated in mid-December.

Lego Youtube Channel

Santa brought the boys iPad minis.

{Santa’s helpers had stayed up late on the date of iPad mini release and logged in multiple times to assure that the sleigh held 3 iPad minis because 1 or 2 would never do.}

It also might be noted that Santa’s helpers were tired of their iPads being cooped by 3 boys, so really in the end it was a gift for Santa’s helpers as well.

For the last month, there has been a flurry of app purchases.  The boys have been diligent in the quest for the best apps for kids {yep, we even made a list and checked it twice}.

The one thing I didn’t allow them to download was a YouTube app.

There are just a lot of things on YouTube that I don’t want them to see.  The majority of comments left on YouTube should NEVER be read.  By anyone.

Then I learned about LEGO videos which goes nicely with their LEGO® obsession around here.

Lego YouTube videos - lego table with Legos

There is now an Official LEGO® Channel on YouTube.  It has a target audience of kids ages 6-11 {wow, I have three of those} and over 500 LEGO® videos to chose from.

What I hadn’t realized is that you can set up a LEGO® YouTube playlist that will ONLY recommend additional videos that are on the Official LEGO® Channel.  No more questionable videos.  No more questionable comments.

To set up a playlist from The Official LEGO® Channel:

  1. Go to your YouTube account and create a “new playlist”.  I named mine LEGO® Channel so the boys would recognize which channel to watch.
  2. Visit and watch a video.
  3. Click “video options”.
  4. Select “Add to Playlist”.
  5. Sign in using your YouTube login.
  6. Add selected video to your new playlist.*

*To keep non-LEGO® videos from being recommended in this playlist, simply build the list with ONLY Official LEGO® Channel videos.

This whole thing was a complete mom victory.

The boys were impressed that I KNEW about the LEGO® Channel, they were thrilled that I set it up on their iPads, and they LOVE watching the videos.

There is a lot of content on web; creating a playlist on the Official LEGO® Channel is a great way to ensure your kids are entertained and watching videos you can feel good about.

Visit the Official LEGO® Channel to build your own playlist to watch with your kids and then reply below for a chance to win one (1) $1,000 gift card to buy your family’s favorite LEGO® products!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LEGO. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Sweepstakes Rules.

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