Sick Day Play Dough

We love making homemade playdough, and we’ve been experimenting with adding essential oils to our favorite recipe. Our peppermint essential oil playdough will help uplift their spirits on a sick day.

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peppermint essential oil playdough

You only need a few ingredients for Peppermint Essential Oil Playdough:

  • 2 Cups of Flour
  • 2 Tbsp Oil (I used coconut oil melted in the microwave)
  • 1/2 Cup of Salt
  • 2 Tbsp Cream Of Tartar (You can find this on the spice aisle)
  • 1 1/2 Cup Boiling Water
  • 10-20 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil (Depending on how strong your essential oil is)
  • Food Coloring

Stir together your salt, flour, cream of tartar and oil in a big bowl. Add the boiling water and keep stirring until it forms a doughy mixture. When it’s mixed pretty thoroughly, and has had a chance to cool a bit, add the peppermint essential oil and the food coloring. Knead the dough until both are thoroughly mixed in. This takes a while, but keep working at it! (And be careful, because it could still be really hot!)

peppermint essential oil playdough

We love our peppermint essential oil playdough, and it smells awesome. But, if it starts to lose it’s smell, you can always just add a few more drops of peppermint oil to the mix. If it starts to dry out, you can just add a few drops of oil.

My daughter always grabs for this playdough when she is feeling low – the invigorating peppermint smell is sure to bring smile.

peppermint essential oil playdough

We used red dye in our playdough to make ours look more peppermint-ish, but you could make it in any color!

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