Printable Minecraft Apps – Play in 3D!

You can print Minecraft blocks and characters that can be folded into 3D objects.

How do I know this?

My 8 year old showed it to me today.  He had created all these pixelated items that reflected some things he had built in Minecraft and I wanted to know how he did it!

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Print Minecraft onto Paper!

So, all this information is from my 8 y/o Minecraft correspondent.  He has hours and hours of research and Minecraft experience, so I believe he is the best person for this job!

I loved seeing him and his older brother spending hours cutting, pasting and folding to create their virtual world on my kitchen table.  In the past, I have tried to find folding crafts for them, but they have always resisted or ended up talking me into doing it.  Because they are passionate about Minecraft, they did all this on their own!

Minecraft printables for kids - Kids Activities Blog

Free Printable Minecraft Apps

According to Rhett, there are two free apps that allow you to print off Minecraft objects.  They are different and you will want to use them both.

MC Papercraft – This is a free app that Minecraft players can enter their login and print off their skin.  What that means is that they can print off a 3D version of their avatar.  You can also print off other characters like Creepers.

Papercrafts – According to my kids, this app is great if you want to print out a bunch of boxes.  I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but they ARE the building blocks of the entire game!

I was surprised at how easily both of these apps printed on our printer without any set up.  It was a simple click and the printer sprung to life.  If only I could get important things to print as easily!

It has really been fun to see my boys engaged in crafting!

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