The Best Minecraft Parodies

Minecraft is an obsession at our house. We have Minecraft T-shirts, we print Minecraft out and play with it, we have minecraft servers, we read minecraft books, we pretend our lego blocks are minecraft pieces as we build mini-worlds (links are affiliate). We speak in mod-lingos and debate the benefits of survivor vs. creative modes. It’s fun.

AND… I am learning how to use my kid’s love of Minecraft as a teaching tool.

We discovered Minecraft Parodies.

writing assignments for kids

My newly writing child “got” how you want to write about one topic and how every sentence is a single “idea” with the help of parodies.

If your kids are writing, have them pick one of the videos below and see if they can write their own parody of a parody!

Best Minecraft Parodies – according to the kids

Don’t Mine at Night – a parody of the song by Katy Perry, Last Friday Night.

Like an Enderman – a parody of the song PSY Gangnam Style

This is my Biome – a parody of the song, Payphone.

Where my Diamonds Hide – a parody of Imagine Dragon’s Demons.

Squid – a parody of What The Fox Say, by Ylvis.

Wrecking Mob – a parody of Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus.

Make a Cake – a parody of Katy Perry’s song, Wide Awake.


If your kids write a parody song of their own, we would love to read it!!  Add a photo or better yet, a video, to our facebook feed.

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