10 DIY Gift Ideas for Older Kids

Not only do my older kiddos like making gifts for others – they also love making gifts for themselves! These are some of the gifts that after making one for a friend, our kids created another one (or three) for themselves.

I know it’s a fun gift when they go bannanas crafting replicas!

DIY gift Ideas for older kids

  1. Transform a tiny treasure into a necklace.  All you need are trinket toys from the dollar store, gold paint (or gold leafing), a tiny eye-hole screw and a necklace chain.
  2. Make mini-canvases featuring their art – add magnets to the back and you have a great way to keep notes on the fridge (or on the back of your front door – we use ours on our door “messaging center”).
  3. Create a locker-kit for the older child in your life.  Spray paint a bunch of containers, a mirror and some clippies.  Your kids will want them to match.  Then gift along with a collection of funky pens or wacky post-its.
  4. Create a hooded scarf/mittens.  My neighbor made one for herself and we loved it so much she made them for us!!  If you aren’t handy, you can also purchase them with animal themes.
  5. Grab a block of wood and drill holes into it – transform the wood into a decorative pencil holder.  Gift with a collection of colored pencils.
  6. Make a giant beanbag chair.  We made ours over 3 years ago and it is still one of the loved “nesting nooks” in our house!
  7. Gift your kids a one-of-a-kind T-shirt and a kit of craft supplies so they can create their own apparel.
  8. Keeping things tidy is a struggle for older kids, help them out with a nifty tote that lets your kids see the items while at the same time containing them!
  9. Bracelets are loved!  Gift your child a bracelet along with a bracelet-making kit so they can make more for themselves and their pals!
  10. Create a card-making kit, along with a stamp pad and paint.  Include stamps to encourage your future pen-pal to write more.

What DIY Gifts are on your older kids “must-do” list??  We’d love to hear about them!

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