Make A Baby Wrap

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Do you like those trendy baby wrap carriers but not want to spend an arm and a leg to get one?

They are super, super easy to make!

All you need are scissors and the ability to cut fabric in a straight line. Its really that simple and you will soon be babywearing!

The secret to a comfy wrap is the fabric.

You’ll want to look for fabric that is “interlock” this basically means that it is a stretchy, knitted fabric that is made in such a way that the edges do not fray. As the edges of the fabric don’t fray, this wrap does not require any sewing skills in order to create it.

Really, it is incredibly simple!

Baby wrap instructions:

  • You’ll want to get 5-6 yards of interlock fabric.
  • Each batch of fabric can create 2-3 wraps.
  • You will want to cut your fabric into long strips.
  • I folded the fabric like a hotdog.
  • The width of each strip needs to be a minimum of 16 inches wide (I have some as wide as 25 inches – but they are more bulky).  I laid my fabric out on our couch to help contain the yardage as I cut them.

Viola!  You now have 2-3 baby wraps!

Baby wearing:

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