super easy potato soup

Today, I am making a family favorite with a little twist…Super Easy Potato Soup.

easy potato soup in bowl

I make this recipe all winter…it is super easy and is potato soup (hence the name) and so yummy.

Easy Potato Soup:

1.  Gather the ingredients:

Baked potato toppings

I figure for every two people I am serving I use one very large potato. I use an onion for every 3 large potatoes.

2. Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces.
3. Prepare the onions and chop. The pieces do not have to be small since you will be blending later.
4. Put the potatoes and onions into large pot and cover with water.
5. Cook on stove until all are tender–you can’t really “over cook” at this point.  It is very forgiving!

Potato Soup Starts

6. Blend the onion-potato mixture in a food processor or blender. Add milk or cream as needed to get the desired consistency.

Potato Soup in Blender

7. Return the blended soup to the pot on low heat and season with salt and pepper to taste. Obviously you can add other spices at this point if you desire.

Potatoe Soup Blended

8. Add additional milk or cream as needed for creaminess and consistency. I find if your potatoes are really, really soft it reduces the necessity for cream and ends up quite creamy.

9. Serve! I like to add a topping bar with bacon, shredded cheese, chives, sour cream and anything else that tastes yummy on baked potatoes.

Potato Soup Buffet

10. Eat.

Potato Soup--My bowl

11. Easy potato soup left-overs are yummy (and even EASIER)

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