Making Pancake Letters: Let your preschooler cook breakfast!

My son loves being a helper and was thrilled when he got to make lunch for us today! We are eating pancakes – yummy! How fun is it to mix breakfast with learning our letters! We have a set of cookie cutters that are in the shapes of capital letters (thanks Laney). Here is a tip that we use to decrease the likelihood of massive pancake batter spills while using cookie cutters to make pancakes in particular shapes, maybe it will help you!

We used a dry pancake mix as it is easier for Z to measure out and pour with fewer ingredients to deal with.  He loved pouring the mix, the milk and breaking the egg!

Once the batter was mixed I lined a pint canning jar with a sandwich baggie.  We then filled the bag with batter and sealed the top of the bag.  This really saves on cleanup!


Then we took our cookie cutters and dipped them into butter to grease both sides, laid them on a hot griddle.  Cut the corner out of the baggie of pancake batter and filled the cookie cutters.

I should have been a bit more patient getting the letter pancakes out, I cracked a few, but they were still great for dipping in maple syrup!  Yummy!

If you are looking for Alphabet Cutters, here’s a nice set!


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