10 Ideas to Ignite Pretend Play

Pretend play sparks our kids imaginations.  With the power of pretend they can be anything they want to be!  Encourage your children to use their imaginations and play pretend with them.

Here are some activities for pretend play with your child from the posts linked up here on our It’s Playtime! meme.

  10 Ideas to Ignite Pretend Play

10 Ideas to Ignite Pretend Play

1.  Set up a pretend animal hospital to encourage imagination and compassion.  Give out pretend medicine, bandages, and take temperatures.

2.  Make your daughters pretend make-up by using old containers and nail polish.  She can practice playing beauty shop with her friends and her dolls.

3.  Grab your toy cash register and fake money and set up a pretend grocery store.  This is a fun game to play and also throws in a little math practice as well.

4.  An ode to Doc McStuffins: take care of those old worn out teddy bears by setting up a pretend veterinarian’s office.  This post has some great free printables to get you started.

5.  Here is a list of over 30 pretend play ideas ranging from a pretend ice cream parlor to a pretend elevator.

6.  Learn all about recycling by setting up a pretend recycling center.  Get scraps of paper and other recyclable materials and let them sort into different bins.

7.  Make a pretend doctor kit with items found in your medicine cabinets and bandage up old toys that need a little TLC.

8.  Here are 10 ideas for dress-up play so kids can pretend to be their favorite character, person or profession.

9.  Pretend to be  a gardner  and dig in the dirt and plant fake flowers.

10.  What could be more fun than pretending to be mom?  Let them come up with ways to pretend to be mom for an afternoon.

If you have your own kids activities to share, be sure to come back and visit our It’s Playtime! link up at 4:00pm today.


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