Last week’s post was on how to create your own felt pretend food, but once you have the food you need a place to store it, along with all the other pretend kitchen accessories. We no longer have a pretend play kitchen, it was taking up too much space and it has found a new home, but the girls still enjoy pretending to cook. Here is a great DIY storage solution that doubles as a stove. . All you need to create your own stove is a clear plastic storage tub, gray and black arcylic paint, and a lid. Use the lid to trace circles to be your “stovetop”. Paint the circles black and cover with two layers of acrylic paint. Have fun playing pretend!   Make play time more fun with these free vet pretend printables!

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  1. This is brilliant! I especially like that the stove doubles as storage for all of the play kitchen stuff when you’re done playing!