Coloring Book Pages: Fun Abstract Drawings {Online Coloring Book}

These fun coloring book pages are a great way to introduce your child to the rich world of abstract art {and explore it yourself}!  We are excited to share an abstract alphabet-themed online coloring book.

Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Jennifer Kincaid of Crowdsource Art Projects as a Quirky Momma for a day.  She is sharing these fun coloring book pages for kids.

online coloring book abstract

Coloring Book Pages

1. Download the free coloring book pages
Click here to find the printable coloring pages:  Jennifer Kincaid Artful Alphabet

2. Print out the coloring book pages on any printer
Even though in the pdf file the cover is in color, it’s fine to print the whole thing on a black and white printer. You can print it two-sided, but it’s best to print the book one-sided and paste the pages back to back and assemble the book once the pages are decorated in order to avoid color bleeding through to the other pages.

3. Assemble the materials you want to use

  • Recruit your little ones to help decide what they want to use to color the book.
  • Some suggestions are:  Color with pens, pencils, markers, or paint
  • Decorate with stickers, stamps, glitter

abstract art for kids

Online Coloring Book

4.  Color or decorate the pages any way you like!
Recruit your little ones to help decide what they want to use to color the book.

5.  Assemble the book
Paste the pages back to back using the pdf file as your guide. Paste pages 1 and 2, pages 3 and 4, pages 5 and 6, pages 7 and 8. Fold each page in half. The pages that will show on the outside when the sheets are folded are 1 (cover), 3, 5 and 7.

6.  Explore the Additional Activity Options
The books are media-rich, meaning there is more to them than squiggly shapes that are fun to color! Their additional content can be used to explore art topics with your child.

In addition, if your child wants to color more designs, free decks of additional designs are on the website.

Abstract Art Coloring Activities

Additional coloring activity {level 1}:  Introduce your child to Abstract Art on the web:

The phrases on each coloring page of the pdf file of the book are clickable links to interesting abstract art topics. The QR codes (the little barcode-looking squares) on each page contain the same links and can be read by a QR code reader (a free app for your smart phone).

Additional coloring activity {level 2}:  Share photos of your decorated pages online and post comments.

There are social media options for sharing photos of the art you create in the book. These sites also invite comments and feedback for the project.

Your child will love seeing their handiwork on the world wide web!  Share them on Artful Alphabet FB page or Instagram.

Additional coloring activity {level 3}:  Have your book included in a real art exhibition.

Mail your completed book back to the project to be included in a live and online art exhibition. The books that are received back at the project will be scanned and uploaded to a gallery website and displayed all together in an online art exhibition.

After that, they will be included in a live art exhibition. The first exhibition will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014 and plans are in the works to tour the exhibition after that.

More Kids Activities

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