Valentines Cards {Kids Can Make}: Owl Love

Valentine cards from friends are such a special treat, especially when they are made by hand.  Here are some cute home made cards that your kids can make.  “Owl Love” to hear what cute owl phrases your child comes up with for their cards.  Please come back to Kids Activities Blog and share their ideas in the comments.

Cute owl Valentine cards that kids can make!

Valentines Cards

I love making our own Valentines cards but the problem is that they add up with each child and before you know it you’re making 40 something v-day cards. In my home for all three of my boys it’s 55 valentines cards, so I understand why people prefer to buy them but they are so much fun to make with the help of your children, ahem.

With these cards your child will be able to make them on their own with little assistance from you. If you’re kids are young you may need to add the cute note yourself or you can type them up on the computer, print them out and cut and paste the message.

“Owl always love you!”

“Owl always be your friend!”

“You’re a hoot.”


Kids Can Make

This is very easy and if you have a little one who is learning their shapes this is a fun activity to make with them since you are using a large circle for the body, a triangle for the beak, two small circles for the eyes and a heart to add on to the body. If you’re looking for something for the teacher, last year I made a paper treat bag shaped like an owl and it says, “Guess WHOOO appreciates you?”. You can go here for the owl template for that.

valentines owl

Owl Love

The best way to explain this is to show you with pictures. As shown above you will need to:

1. Trace circles onto your paper. I used a cup for my circle shape.

2. Fold over the top.

3. Then fold side at the corner but making sure they don’t overlap.

4. Fold the other side and glue flaps down.

5. Add your eyes, beak and punch 2 holes at the bottom for you candy to slide through.

6. You can snip off some of the top to make the ears stand out more.

Slide your candy through the holes at the bottom to make it look like it’s on a branch. Aren’t they cute?


More Kids Activities

Exchanging Valentine cards is a fun tradition for kids.  It is even more special if the kids can make the cards themselves.  For more cards and kids activities, take a look at these ideas:

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