{How to Smile} 12+ Activities to make kids happy

Our kids have “sulky” days occasionally.  Here are some of the ways we have helped our kids snap out of the blues and wear a smile!

12 smiles

Make a Smile

Crazy kids activities for active kids. Let them be silly. Be rambunctious.
Make Pipe Cleaner Disguises to put on – take photos of each other.
Create a family festival – here are a bunch of comical activities sure to make your kids giggle.
We have a collection of jokes that will make your kids laugh, hysterically.
Surprise your child!  …With a fight.  Give your child a bag of marshmallows or cotton balls.  Let war begin!
Make silly straws – connect a bunch of straws together and drink from a distance.
Decorate silly faces on a sticker and use them to decorate toothpicks on your child’s lunch.
Best Pranks for your kids – here are a bunch of ways that you can surprise your kids with a prank.
…and if that were not enough, here are a dozen more pranks for kids – make them giggle!
Look forward to April Fools dayTell a knock-knock joke to your preschooler
Have a hug fest.  Try and find all the different ways that you can give each other hugs.
Here are 100 ways to demonstrate love to your child and put a smile in their hearts.


Have you shared a smile recently?  We’d love to hear about it!

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