Wacky Wednesday: Opposite Words

Want some new game ideas for Wednesday?  Try these fun game using opposite words!  We at Kids Activities Blog love games that sneak in a little teaching along the way.



We’ve been learning all about opposites recently and to add a bit of extra fun, we declared one day last week to be Wacky Wednesday.

What is Wacky Wednesday? A day filled with silliness, games and topsy-turvy opposite fun!

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Opposite Words

We made this very simple game of  “Snap!” by simply writing out opposite word pairs on card stock. Instead of the usual game of snap where two identical words or pictures need to be found, for our version of the game, we called out “SNAP!” every time a pair of opposites landed on each other. If your child is a pre-reader, you could make a visual version of this game, finding pictures in magazines that represent opposites (such as big and small, tall and short), cutting out the pictures and pasting them on to the cards. You could even write the words underneath the pictures to add some sight word learning to the game.

Opposites Game

We played another opposites game on our silly Wacky Wednesday. This time, we switched up the classic Simon Says game. When I called out an instruction, my son would do the opposite. If he happened to do exactly as I said, he was out of the game. So when I called “Simon says turn on the light” my son would in fact have to turn off the light. This game produced LOTS of giggles and he asks to play it all the time now.

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We added to the fun and silliness of the day by eating breakfast cereal at dinner time, wearing odd socks and setting the table with the cutlery back to front.

Keeping things lighthearted and funny meant that all the learning we were doing was fun and effortless. Definitely the best way to learn!

More Kids Activities

Wednesdays can be as wacky as you want it to be!  Opposite words just add a little learning fun to the wackiness. Take a look at these other wacky kids activities:

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