Christmas Preschool Craft with Play Dough Gingerbread Man

Finding the perfect Christmas Preschool craft is easy when you look to the basics.

Playing with play dough and Gingerbread Men are a match made in Christmas activity heaven.
spice play dough activity for kids

Christmas Preschool Craft

Here’s a quick and simple play dough activity for the kids to try – play dough gingerbread men!

It’s a great sensory experience with the scent of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, and the kids can let their imaginations go wild as they decorate the gingerbread people.

We’ve been having lots of fun this week making Christmas themed play dough using Christmas cookie cutters. After we made Christmas trees, snowflakes and baubles, we thought it would be fun to try making some ginger bread men as well.

gingerbread man activity

Gingerbread Play Dough

I made a batch of our home made play dough and added cocoa powder to make it a lovely golden brown color. You could add brown food coloring instead of cocoa powder if that’s what you happen to have on hand. I also added cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger which gave the play dough the most delicious aroma.

gingerbread man play dough activity for kids

We rolled out our play dough, and got to work cutting out our gingerbread men with our cookie cutter.

We decorated our play dough gingerbread men with googly eyes, buttons and sequins. You could use anything you like to decorate these cute gingerbread folk – colored scraps of paper, beads, play dough in different colors that has been rolled into balls for buttons, bottle tops, colored popsicle sticks or toothpicks. Just use your imagination and have fun!

We created so many of these sweet little gingerbread men and each one was unique. I think the green sequined shoes on the little guy in the picture above would have to be my favorite!

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