Learning Patterns with {Pretty} Fall Colors

Fall colors are a beautiful sight to see.  Here are some fall color activities that use the changing colors of the leaves from green to yellow, red, orange, and brown to help you little one in learning patterns. We hope that Kids Activities Blog has helped you find fun ways like this to help your young child learn about the beautiful world around them.

fall colors

Fall Colors

Take the opportunity to talk to your kids about the colors they see. Make a list of all of the things you can see in fall. If possible, take a walk to look for fall colors. Here’s what our list looked like.

  • Red –  leaves, apples
  • Orange – leaves, pumpkins
  • Yellow – leaves, gourds, corn, hay
  • Green – grass, leaves
  • Brown – leaves, tree trunks, branches, squirrels, acorns
  • Blue – sky

Fall Color Activities

Point out all of the different colors of leaves in fall. Cut out leaves from colored card stock or construction paper to practice colors with your child. Let your child play with the leaves. Ask questions during the play.

  • What color is the leaf?
  • Can you find a red leaf?
  • This leaf is yellow.
  • Can you find something in the house that matches the color of this leaf?

Learning Patterns

Between the ages of 2 and 3, many children become interested in following patterns. Other children may not become interested in patterns until after age 3. A fun way to introduce patterns is by using leaves. Preschool and older children can practice pattern making with leaves, too. Cut out different colors of leaves from colored card stock or construction paper. {If your child needs scissors practice, have her cut out the leaves.}

fall color activities

Create a simple ABAB pattern with the leaves. Talk to your child about what you are doing. You might say, “I’m going to make a pattern with fall colors the leaves. I’m going to use a red leaf, then a yellow leaf, then a red leaf, then yellow, then red, then yellow. What color leaf comes next?” {Red.} “Can you place the red leaf next to the yellow one?” Continue having fun making simple patterns as long as your child wants.

If the simple ABAB pattern seemed really easy for your child or after practicing it for a while, you need another challenge, try more complicated patterns. Try an AABB pattern or even more complicated patterns. For older kids, you can even have them create the pattern for you to finish.

learning patterns

What to do if you child just isn’t interested in the pattern making? This is how it was with my almost 3 year old son. I introduced the activity to him a few different times {on different days}, and he wasn’t really interested in finishing the patterns. I just used the activity to practice colors with him like I mentioned above. I created a simple ABAB pattern and asked him what color came next. He chose a color he wanted to come next not the color that should come next. So then, I let him make his own “pattern” with the leaves while talking about the colors. If an activity isn’t working for you, try again later, or turn it into something else. You’ll know when your child is interested and wants to continue on.

More Kids Activities with Fall Colors

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors with your child.  Find way to incorporate the rainbow of colors into some creative (and educational) fall color activities like this one.  For more colorful kids activities that teach patterns, take a look at these ideas:

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