{Simple and Fun} Family November Crafts

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November crafts aren’t just turkey related. They can be something that is just colorful, fun, and a wonderful family activity.  Kids Activities Blog loves creative projects like this that the whole family can enjoy especially beautiful paper crafts like this.

November Crafts

One afternoon, my preschool twins N and M were particularly restless. Normally they would pounce upon a chance to play with some shaving cream, but they had just played that yesterday so there was no pouncing so to speak.

It was time to create marbled paper with shaving cream.

Time: 30 minutes

Materials: shaving cream; food colouring (or washable paint); toothpick or skewer; paper or card stock; rectangular take away container lids (or something with a strong long edge).


Spray a generous amount of shaving cream into a long dish. Spread the shaving cream so that it covers the dish.

Family Activity

Place little droplets of food colouring (or washable paint) on top of the shaving cream. (We used food colouring and loved the vivid colours, but a note of warning – our hands were stained for about a day).

Paper Crafts

Using a skewer or toothpick, swirl the colours around gently.

Place the paper or cardstock on top of the shaving cream and press gently.

Lift the paper off the shaving cream and using the rectangular takeaway lid as a squeegee, gently scrape away the shaving cream.

Leave your beautiful marbled paper to dry.

It’s beautiful, easy… and the kids loved it.

More Kids Activities

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