2 Preschool Art Activities as Sweet as Strawberries

Preschool art activities can be inspired from anything!  Kids Activities Blog loves these two simple preschool art activities created with something that was left over from summer.  Isn’t it grand to find something to do with things that you already have at home?  Check out how strawberry baskets end up teaching both art and math…

Were you busy berry picking over the summer? Hope you saved your strawberry baskets because they’re more than just containers for fresh fruit!  Here are two easy preschool art and math activities you can do at home with your leftover baskets.

Simple Preschool Art and Math Activity using Strawberry Baskets


  • strawberry baskets
  • paint
  • dish or pan (for holding paint)
  • paper
  • salt (optional for texture)

Preschool Art Activities

Strawberry Basket Prints

Simply let your toddler or preschooler dip the bottom of his basket into the paint and stamp it onto a piece of paper.  This simple technique has stunning results!Simple Preschool Art and Math Activity with Strawberry Baskets

Tip:  You could also practice printmaking on card stock for quick and easy birthday, thank you, or holiday cards.

Preschool Math Activities

Strawberry Basket Counting Activity

Printmaking is not just pretty – it’s a great learning tool, too.  For this activity, I asked my preschooler to stamp a number I called out.

Simple Preschool and Math Activities using Strawberry Baskets

To extend this activity, you could:

  • Call out the numbers your child should stamp in ascending/descending order;
  • Assign colors to the different numbers your child stamps (e.g., one red, two blue, three green, etc.);
  • Call out a repeating color pattern for your child to stamp (e.g., one red and two yellows)
  • Stamp out a colored pattern and ask your child to fill in the missing gaps or copy your pattern.

More Preschool Art Activities

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