Declutter Challenge: The Office/School Area

3524862401_65452a40ba For this week, we are moving to the Office/Homeschool/Homework area!  Here are some great tips to think about:

When I have a system that works for a particular area, I will share it here…  But I am ALWAYS open to new ideas so if you guys have a great system that works for you for any of these areas in your home please send me links to pictures, or leave a comment with your genius in my comments section.

Things I try to remember when decluttering:

  • Be as brutal as I can be.
  • Things that are broken and/or don’t work should be tossed.
  • Make lists of things that are needed and be patient with filling those needs.
  • Try to be honest with the difference between needs and wants. Don’t declutter just to bring a bunch more in.
  • For at least a week, try to make do… sometimes I am amazed at what I find that will fill the void just by decluttering another space!

Office declutter challenge for this week (one for each day):

1.      School books and projects

2.     Art supplies (stored ones, too)

3.     Supplies (binders, paper, stored packing materials, shipping stuff, etc)

4.     Finished work

5.     Desk

6.     Bookcases

7.     Craft ideas

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How about post your successes to our flickr group?  We’d love for you to join us!

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