Cool Math Activity: With Eggs and Buttons

This week we’ve been having a lot of fun creating learning activities that also relate to some of our favorite spring topics- eggs, bunnies, and flowers.

Today I want to share a cool counting game we created using buttons and some large foam eggs.

Math with buttons

Materials Needed for Egg Math:

  • Large foam eggs (or some eggs cut out of paper)
  • number stickers
  • buttons (or any other object you could use for counting)

Directions for Egg Math:

1. Put a number sticker on each foam egg. We worked on numbers 1-10.

Math with buttons

2. Have your child lay out the eggs on the floor in the correct sequential order.

Math with buttons

3. Give your child a cup or bag filled with buttons (or another counting object) and encourage them to add the correct number of buttons to each egg.

For example, on the egg that says #4, the child would place four buttons on it.

This is a simple and fun hands on way to practice math skills like counting and number recognition!

Other Skills Embedded Into This Activity:

  • vocabulary building (we talked about the button sizes, shapes, colors, and placement)
  • one to one correspondence (teaching child to match numbers to objects or object to object)
  • fine motor skills practice (picking up and manipulating the stickers and buttons is a great way to strengthen little fingers)
  • counting up/adding on

Ten Little Eggs by Jean Marzollo would be a fun book to read along with this activity since it is a simple book that talks about colors and counting. The eggs in the book are 3-D and are also a lot of fun to touch!


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Do you have any favorite egg counting books or activities to share with us?


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