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Red is popular in our house.  Here’s an idea for a kids craft that makes use of all the odd bits and pieces of material left over from other crafts and creates a magnificent masterpiece, full of texture and contrast: a one color collage – featuring RED.

The idea is to narrow down your selection of materials in one respect and discover how much variety there is in what you can find. Very often kids’ art is all about bright hues. Nothing wrong with that of course and much joyful art is created. Sometimes though it’s interesting to set a specific parameter to your art project and see how that lets you discover something different.

Kids art: make a Red Collage

We began by choosing to work with all red items. Most kids have a particular color the love, so you might want to choose that, or pick the color that matches their bedroom decor so the finished art work can be displayed on their wall. Alternatively you might like to pick a color to match the season: green for St. Patrick’s day, red for Valentines.

Next, head out on a color treasure hunt. Just how many different shades of red can you find? We always have a collage box near our art table that gets filled with the odds and ends left over from our projects, so a rummage through there usually throws up several different cards and papers in the right color. You can extend your color treasure hunt around the house too, looking for gift wrap and magazines in your chosen hue, or maybe other materials such as ribbon, fabric and buttons. Try the garden and see what natural materials you can find to add to your collage.

Once you’ve collected your treasures, it’s time to get sticking. This is my 5-year-old’s favourite part as she loves to glue things.

As you’re making your collage, pause to chat about the materials you’ve discovered. Restricting your palette to just one color lets you focus instead on other properties. Talk about what’s light and dark, what your material is made from, how it feels. It’s a great time to focus on all the different textures you have found and find words to describe each one.

You might like to make your collage on a grand scale and make a big mural for the wall. Or, keep it small and cover your picture in contact paper when you’ve finished to make yourself your very own placemat. Our favourite way to use the collage though is to make a big sheet and then cut it into triangles to make seasonal bunting to go around the room.

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