Little Debbie’s Cupcake Car Tour in Dallas

When Little Debbie invited me to meet their cupcake car in Dallas, I grabbed my six year old, Reid and headed into the city. They were at Mockingbird Station to hand out 10,000 cupcakes. THAT is a lot of cupcakes. The Little Debbie Smile Squad has been traveling all over the country spreading cupcake cheer. They travel in a large truck and trailer and 4 cupcake SMART cars.

Cupcake Tour

The whole thing was really, really fun. Here are some cupcake details…

Powered by Whrrl

One of the cupcake cars has a share-a-smile cam. Here is Reid’s message to the world…(you might want to turn down your VOLUME)

It was a fun day despite the FREEZING Dallas weather.

We helped hand out cupcakes…and in return saw a lot of smiles.

Thanks Little Debbie!


  1. Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes…the creme-filled centered and white lace icing topped ones…bring back many memories of my great-grandmother, Dolly. Those chocolate cupcakes, along with Honey Buns, were a staple dessert at her home.

  2. Looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun!

    I especially like Reid’s cupcake car video!

    I LOVE those new cupcakes… YUMMY!!!!!

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