At this point, we’ve all pretty much tried the Mentos and Coke thing. It this generation’s baking soda and vinegar. And yeah, it’s amazing. No doubt, no doubt, but it’s still amazing to see people take things to the next level. The Crazy Russian Hacker is great for that! He does all sorts of videos where he tries the things we’ve all wondered about…some that we’ve also tried, some that I never would have thought about. Like, did you know if you mix Coke with bleach, it turns the Coke clear? Yeah, I never would have guessed that. I never would have guessed what happens in this video, either! I always assumed that if you added liquid nitrogen to things, they froze instantly. I’ve seen Terminator, I know what’s up…but apparently, that’s not what happens when you add it to Coke in a Coke bottle… Take a look! What amazes me is that the same thing happened with water. I truly have no idea what to make of that! I mean, what exactly is happening? If anyone can tell me the science behind it, I’d love to know!

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