If you’re lucky, you have at least one really good neighbor. One person who would call 9-1-1 if they saw something happening, or, maybe even yell at someone for messing around the front of your house. I used to have that neighbor. He’d sit out front, drinking his soda, and watching the neighborhood like a hawk. He had emergency services on speed dial and no one ever messed with our street. If a car drove by too fast, he’d yell at them to slow down. In Australia, THIS GUY is the neighbor you’d want to have. He takes my neighbor’s mentality to a whole new level! When a sleeping driver crashed into the business next to Daniel McConnell’s home, he goes outside to confront the driver. Since it was 2:00 AM, he’s not wearing anything but his underroos, but that doesn’t matter…because, what happens next is the amazing part! Take a look! I love this guy. Daniel, I don’t know if I’ll ever meet you, but you are my new superhero. You are the Batman we all deserve. You are the neighbor we all wish we had, and the one we all should strive to be. Way to step up and take care!!

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