What Happens When You Mix Coke With Bleach Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

We’ve all seen what happens when you add Mentos to coke. I’d guess we’ve all seen it about a million times. Cool, but at this point not really a huge surprise. I mean, people have done it in the bath tub, one guy filled up a pool with it and dove in wearing a Mentos suit…we get it. But the Crazy Russian Hacker decided he wanted to take things to a whole new level! He wanted to see what happens when you mix coke with bleach. My thoughts when the experiments started? Nothing. This is going to do nothing. But then, just wait and see. This is going to blow your kids’ minds! Take a look!

So for the science behind this, I went to IFL Science, but here’s a summary of what it said…”Bleach breaks the chemical bonds between oxygen atoms in a process called oxidation. This process releases oxygen molecules that break up the chemical bonds of chromophores – groups of atoms and electrons that absorb or reflect certain light wavelengths and give organic molecules their color. After changing this chromophore structure, the molecules are no longer able to absorb visible light, making the liquid appear white or clear.” Pretty cool, huh!

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