We all have friends who consider their pets their children.

That mom whose kids have left home and now she’s got a dog.

Or that aunt who never had kids and has fourteen cats instead. Or, maybe, that couple who has kids but also insists that their kids call their dog Bugsy their brother. “Go play with your brother. He’s been missing you all day.”

Golden Retriever dog takes a shower and bath every day
Do dogs REALLY not like baths?

And we always think about this from the human perspective, but what must it be like for these animals?

Well, this pooch gives us an insight to exactly that. After a long day of puppering, he needs to unwind…and how, you ask?

By giving himself a bath or shower. Yes, you read that. He gives himself a bath or a shower every day. Take a look!

I can’t get over the amount of cuteness overload in this video.

I mean, the towel?

The bed?

The whole thing.

I have to sniff-test my child’s hands just to make sure she actually washed, and this lil’ guy is in there scrub-a-dub dubbing his way into our hearts. What a cutie pie!

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{giggle} If you need a laugh today or have a child that is bath-resistant, this will make you laugh out loud…guaranteed!

Giant Fluffy Dog Refuses Bath Time

Is it really so bad that all this is necessary to avoid a dog bath?

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My favorite is the pre-dog bath pulling to the tub!

Sometimes we just have to laugh! And these dogs NOT taking baths or taking baths against their will are just the right thing for right now.

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My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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