My Child Cries at Day Care Drop-Off Every Day

I’m a stay-at-home mom and I have a now 5-year-old that has separation anxiety. She’s always had it and nothing we try seems to help. She goes to daycare two times a week and cries hysterically when I leave and has to be pried off me.

But she loves it there and doesn’t want to go home when I pick her up. She does this with everyone, including daddy.

Child Cries at Day care drop off

“When my daughter did this, I was told a quick drop-off works. We walked in together, had a quick kiss and hug and I left.”- Rebecca Cook

“My brother did the same thing for my mom. He eventually was fine with drop off.” – Katie Duane

“My daughter would get very nervous too. I would try to find a friend for her when I dropped her off so she felt more comfortable as I left.” – Christ B

“Keep it short, simple, and positive. Reassure her you will be back. It can give you quite the guilt trip, but usually they are always fine as soon as you leave.” – Sharon T

“I have five children and two of them were like this. I would like to give you some magical idea but I never found one that worked. The only thing I can really say is that they DO grow out of it eventually. Hang in there, it will get easier!”- Dawn W

“My child was like this and we realized she had trouble with transitions. What helped us was setting a routine. With morning drop off, I would engage her in something like carpet time, breakfast, or an activity. Then when I pick her up, if she is not ready, I say 5 minutes and then time is up.” – Natasha Y

“Kids who struggle with transitions do better when we provide them with some preparation time. As you drive to daycare or wherever, talk about what is going to happen. Walk through it all so there is time to work through it.” – Michelle S

“I worked in daycare for many years and a lot of kids did the same thing. It was more for show for the parents, and then they were fine. Especially since she likes it there, it is probably just all for show and attention now.” – Brittany C

“With my child we did a reward system. She gets a sticker each time she has no tears. On the days where she is a little emotional, I give her the sticker when we make it to school. Then I tell her she gets another one after no tears. She has a page that she accumulates her stickers on.” – Amanda S

“Read the Kissing Hand book to her. I drew a small little heart in sharpie on the palm of my son’s hand and told him if he missed us to just look at his hand and know we were there. It will make more sense once you read the book.” – Angela G