Homemade baby food – the perks are obvious! It’s WAY cheaper than pre-packaged baby food. You get to control the ingredients. Plus, it let’s you introduce food combinations, and ingredients you can’t find in typical jar food! And best of all- it’s FUN! But it’s hard to do, right? And only granola loving, hippy moms living in communes do it, right? Right? WRONG! Making baby food is super easy, and you don’t need expensive equipment “ although William Sonoma won’t tell you that.   All you need are some fresh fruits or vegetables of your choice, and a dream.  You can even mash your baby food with a fork. Here is how I make one of my daughter Molly’s favorite meals “ Carrots & Green Beans with Dill. You need: Carrots Green beans Dill (optional) Microwavable dish Blender Something to freeze your puree in STEP 1- Prepare the veggies. First I peel and wash a large bag of carrots. Or, if I’m feeling lazy (and I usually am!) I just buy a large bag of pre-peeled baby carrots, that are ready to go! You can also find carrots, and green beans in the frozen food section. I used frozen green beans in this puree. STEP 2- Steam. I stick the carrots and green beans in a large microwavable dish, add a few cups of water, and put a loose cover on them. You’ll know when they are done microwaving when you can pierce them easily with a fork. Above, you’ll find a picture of my carrots and green beans all tender from the microwave, and ready for step 3! STEP 3- Blend. It’s important to let your veggies cool down before putting them in your blender. Depending on the size of your food processor or blender you may have to puree your baby food in batches. Also, some fruits & veggies need very little extra water added to the blender because they are so juicy naturally. But other ingredients like our carrots and green beans, need water added to the blender in order to puree them smoothly. I use the leftover water from steaming, and add additional water as I need to. Blend for just a short amount of time for a chunkier texture baby food, or a longer time for a silky smooth consistency baby food. If you want to add any spices, this is the time to do it. I like to add a dash of dill before I blend, and after blending. And then… wallah people! Fresh baby food! STORAGE- I use ice cube containers to freeze my puree, but you can also freeze portions in Ziploc bags. The benefit of using ice cube trays is that you can keep the cubes in a baggie in the freezer, and then pull out as many, or as few cubes as your baby is hungry for at any given time! Making baby food is a simple, economical and creative activity! It’s also, thankfully, pretty mistake proof! Try different fruit & vegetable combinations as things at the grocery store go on sale. Hide vegetables your baby doesn’t really love, like spinach for instance “ in sweeter vegetable like acorn squash or sweet potatoes! And don’t be afraid to taste your baby food as you go! In fact something like mango puree, is a pretty yummy adult snack as well! And finally – HAVE FUN!

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  1. -Thanks TexasHolly!
    -Glad you asked Bianca! You can do one of two things:

    1. Take however many cubes out of the freezer that you need and microwave. It depends on how hungry the baby is! But for two cubes I’d microwave about 45 seconds before checking on them, and mixing.

    2. What I normally do is estimate how many cubes I may want to use the next day. Then I just put some cubes in a small bowl in the refrigerator overnight. The next day I get up and they have thawed and are cold and just ready to serve (if fruit) or to heat up for a few second in microwave (if veggie)

  2. Wow – I would have never guessed it was so easy to do! One question, though – when you take the frozen cubes out of the freezer, how do you heat them up? Do you just put them in a bowl and microwave them?