Simply Stuck Labels – Super Fun and Functional

I met Sandi awhile ago when we were in the same Pokeno group. Mutual friends are such a blessing! Awhile later I ran into her at a Christmas Bazaar where she had a booth selling her Simply Stuck Labels. I had no idea she sold labels.   How did I not know this?

You know, the labels that you ALWAYS need, but forget to order?

Simply Stuck labels are super functional.   They can help keep track of all the stuff you send out of the house with your kids…or it can help you claim something as your own.

Simply Stuck Waterproof Stickers

My favorite Simply Stuck products are the waterproof labels.   I have tried a variety of labels that survive the dishwasher a handful of times and then are useless.   Even my Sharpie-graffitied Sippy Cups end up unreadable.

These labels survive!

Simply Stuck Iron on Labels

Simply Stuck also makes a good iron-on label.   Really good iron-on labels come in handy in Texas.   Often I am sending my kids to school bundled up in jackets, but picking them up in sunny 80 degree afternoons.   Having their coats labeled is a necessity since it is unlikely they thought about their jacket since taking it off mid-day.

Simply Stuck Back to School Pack

Simply Stuck’s most popular items are bundled in their Back to School Pack.   This package has 160 labels to personalize just about anything your kid might forget.   They also offer a Mini-pack starter set which has 80 labels.

Simply Stuck Christmas Labels

Seasonally, Simply Stuck also provides a variety of colorful Holiday labels and Christmas return address labels in fun round shapes.

And next time you are on a fund-raising committee, think of this…

Simply Stuck Fundraiser
Simply Stuck has a fund-raising plan to give your organization money without ANY extra work by you.   They provides the order forms, you pass them out and participants can order via website, phone or mail.   Simply Stuck cuts a check to your group each time $50 accrues in your organization’s account.  

Oh!   And you are selling something that people can actually use…

There are all sorts of other products like allergy labels, left and right shoe stickers and waterproof wrist bands.

The ideas for personalized gifts are endless.

Please visit Sandi’s website SIMPLY STUCK for more information about all the products mentioned…and more.


  1. Cool product! Love it that they have a fund-raising program as well!

    PS: I must know what Pokeno is. My parents used to play it when I was a kid.

  2. Pokeno is a group game (similar to Bunco) only it is easier. It is like Bingo, only with playing cards. Really, it is an excuse to get girlfriends together.

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