Are clothes for teens supposed to be so difficult to shop for AND painful for parents?!  Anyone with a teenage daughter already knows the conundrum that comes with shopping for their clothes. Current mainstream clothes for teens go from cute and childlike to frighteningly suggestive, without a lot of options in between the two. It is difficult to find stylish, trendy teen clothes that still cover the important bits we parents might not want our daughters to show to the world quite yet (or EVER!)
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Clothes for Teens

There is never a time that girls are under more pressure about how they look than during their teen years. While we are working to teach our daughters not to succumb to negative pressure about their appearance, we also want to share with them fun of defining their own style.
Clothes for Teens they will LOVE! From LulaRoe
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Finding a Preteen dress is so Difficult!

Preteen girl clothes are really challenging. Whether your daughter is holding on to her child-like personality and body shape as a preteen varies girl to girl. Outfits that work for one child make not fit either physically or emotionally for her friend, who is the exact same age.
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LuLaRoe has Styles for Teens they will LOVE

LuLaRoe creates so many options for every girl in this age group. The cuts and styles are basically conservative but seriously fun. And just like with their women’s clothes, the styles are created to work for all body shapes. There are no plunging necklines or too short hemlines. But these clothes for teens are far from stogy or old fashioned. Instead, they are highly fashionable, fun and unique. LuLaRoe makes only 1000 pieces with every fabric they commission, then it is gone forever! And there are prints for every girl. Conservative, crazy, retro, super feminine, even athletic. So your teenager or preteen daughter is always going to have original pieces that fit her body and her style.
Styles for Teens
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LuLaRoe Pricing works for Mom!

The average price for LuLaRoe is $35 per piece. So you and your daughter are happy because LuLaRoe is affordable! Get the LuLaRoe Price List here. Go ahead, have some fun together. If you are your daughter share a sense of style or are totally different, LuLaRoe works for both of you! You can pick your favorite styles and shop together. No more bickering at the mall! Join aka LuLaRoe together!


LuLaRoe Logo Horizontal_OutlinedWe always have something new for you and your teen at the aka LuLaRoe Facebook group. We get patterns in your favorite styles DAILY! Patterns and styles range from classic to contemporary to a little crazy – so find the fits that you love best, then have fun picking prints that fit your personality and hers! So go! Right now! Join the the aka LuLaRoe Facebook group here. You are going to fall in love with shopping for LuLaRoe!

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