Everyone just wants to see the LuLaRoe Price List because they read “comfortable, affordable and stylish” and thinkaffordable for whom?!  If you have not yet been converted to a LuLaRoe lover, hold on to your old, uncomfortable clothes. You may be shocked at the LuLaRoe pricing.
LuLaRoe Price List! Affordable and the styles are beautiful!
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Already a fan? Go shopping with aka LulaRoe! If you are already a believer, go straight to the private Facebook group! If you want to know more, keep reading. LuLaRoe is affordable for you! We’re sharing the LuLaRoe price list with you because we don’t want to you to miss out because you think LuLaRoe is not in your budget! LuLaRoe was made for your budget, in styles and prints that make you excited to shop for clothes because they fit great – no matter what size you are or clothing personality you have. You can absolutely love your mom clothes, and so will everyone else.
LuLaRoe Prices
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LuLaRoe Pricing List

We have all been there; put ourselves and our desire for a new, comfortable, but seriously cute outfit way down the list. Below the kid’s back to school clothes, extracurricular activities, a project for the house. C’mon, we all do it. Then what happens? An event comes up that leaves you starting at your closet wishing that you had taken just a few dollars to add something to your wardrobe that make you feel beautiful and confident. LuLaRoe is totally affordable! It is designed for women just like you – ones who work hard, inside the home or out (or both!) Women who juggle family and kids, jobs, hobbies and responsibilities of all kinds. LuLaRoe was created to help you go from one responsibility to the next, while looking fantastic, feeling super comfortable, and best of all – not putting stress on your wallet!
LulaRoe Pricing List
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LuLaRoe Price List

So here is the big reveal: The average price for a piece of LuLaRoe is about $35. Dresses are little more, leggings and kid’s sizes are a little less. But that is generally what you can expect to spend per piece. Want to see the LuLaRoe price list piece by piece? We’ve got you covered…    
LuLaRoe Price List
LuLaRoe Price List

Print Your Own Price List

I know it is hard to remember each piece by name…let alone price!  So, here is a version of the LuLaRoe price list that you can download, print and have by your side during your favorite live shows… Printable list:  LuLaRoe_Price_List

LulaRoe Online Shop

We always have something new for you at the aka LuLaRoe Facebook group. We get patterns in your favorite styles DAILY! Patterns and styles range from classic to contemporary to a little crazy – so find the fits that you love best, then have fun picking prints that fit your personality! So go! Right now! Join the the aka LuLaRoe Facebook group here. You are going to fall in love with shopping for LuLaRoe! Thanks to LuLaRoe, your mom clothes are cool again. Let’s be serious. We all love our mom clothes, even the ones that aren’t exactly stylish. Why? Because they are practical and they are comfortable. And once you have little people running circles around you – practicality becomes way cooler than it used to be.

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