Maybe I Married Martha Stewart?

We are listing our home for sale .   Our Realtor and a photographer came over to take pictures of all the rooms. The Realtor had some suggestions on ways to make our home a little more “generic”, and one of them was to change the pictures in the dining room.

On the wall in there, I have all of our family portraits and kid portraits through the years. It’s a beautiful wall collage of the changes we’ve all made through the years. However, our Realtor suggested either taking them down or putting other pictures up that didn’t include people in them…so the potential buyers can imagine their family pictures there instead of mine.

I had planned to just go out yesterday with my camera and snap a bunch of pictures of nature “stuff”, have them printed, & then put those pictures in the frame.

My dear husband (who has more common sense than I) suggested going to Half Price Books & purchasing a photography book and use those pictures. Duh…now why didn’t I think of that?

For one, it is WAY easier to do. And two, the pictures are WAY more artistic than I could ever attempt.

So Reese & I trekked out yesterday in search of “a book”. I wasn’t sure what I was even looking for. In my mind, it was a bunch of nature-ish pictures that were done by one photographer so they were all in the same “style” and looked like a coordinated grouping of pictures. How would I ever find something that would work?

Imagine my utter surprise when I plopped myself down on the floor in the photography book section & the FIRST book I pulled out was Flower Portraits: The life cycle of beauty by Joyce Tenneson. All the pictures were simple, shot in the same format, and printed in a sepia tone (which was actually what I had envisioned in my head…something that would coordinate with the golden/mustard yellow wall in the dining room). The cost was a reasonable $10.

There was also a book called Animal Portraits by Walter Schels. I picked that up for $20, because I LOVED the picture of the rabbit and some other animals. This is a fascinating book with black & white prints of animals against white backdrops. Close up pictures with tons of expression. Awesome.

On a side note…click on the Animal Portraits book link above. Look at the freakin’ price. What the heck did I just cut up? I emailed the seller to find out exactly why this book is selling for so much money. Mine has the same ISBN number as the one they’re selling. Mine is (was) in pristine condition. There are multiple stores selling this book for well over $300. WHAT DID I CUT UP????? AAAAHHHHH!

Anyway–so the Flowers book was beyond stunning. I pulled all the family portraits off the wall, & the flower pictures were all the right sizes. Except for the two 11×13 frames I had, which I used a bunny portrait & a chicken portrait for those.

Here’s my finished wall. I am SO excited at how well it turned out. Truly stunning & these pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice!!
Now I’m off to figure out why the heck this animal book is worth so much money.

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