Two in Five Americans Are More Grateful

Despite job losses, foreclosures and climbing interest rates, Americans surprisingly are focusing on what they have. In fact 43 percent of Americans are feeling more grateful than they were at this time last year, according to a recent nationwide survey.

Thank You on corkboard

Among the findings:

  • People are feeling more grateful this year.
  • Americans are expressing their gratitude.
  • Gratitude spurs giving.

Gratitude often takes center stage during the holidays ”specifically when families are getting together to enjoy festive meals. To find out how you can pass along your blessings and thankful hearts, check out Feeding America ”the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity ” and Chinet as they partner with actress Marcia Cross to launch the Grateful Platefuls program.

Simply visit the Grateful Platefuls page on Facebook and share your gratitude.   You can further customize your message by selecting the style of plate on which you ™d like to serve up your gratitude. So tell us, what are you grateful for?

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  1. I’m grateful for my family. So thankful that I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful, healthy kids! Life is good.

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